Technologies Learned as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I’m always excited in learning various new technologies. In this blog, I’ll keep a list of technology subjects I have already started learning or plan to learn in my life as a software engineer.

Note: I will keep updating this page as I’m learning them

Embed Google Analytics Dashboard on Website

If you are using Google Analytics to analyze site traffic, you might want to embed those amazing dashboards to your website publicly. While Google doesn’t provide iframe solution, it does offer a Google Analytics Embed API which requires a bit more technical knowledge. I’ll walk you through each and every step and make sure you don’t have to read all developer documentation and can easily build dashboard like what my website has in



Use Firebase Cloud Function to Count Website Visitors

It’s getting popular to use Firebase hosting to host static website, however, you might not know you can still have server-side code hosted in Firebase for your static website, and that is the Firebase Cloud Function. Once of the case you might want to use the Cloud Function is to write something to Firebase database, for example, a hit counter. In this topic, I’ll show you how to use Firebase Cloud Function and Firebase Realtime Database to count website visitor.

Customize Chrome New Tab Page

Have you thought about customizing Chrome new tab page? If so, you must have tried the extensions in Chrome web store to customize your new tab page. If you are not satisfied with any of them, you have the option to build your own new tab page that meets all your expectations.

Why we need to deprecate x prefix for HTTP headers?

In June, 2012, Internet Engineering Task Force released a new RFC(RFC-6648), recommending deprecation of X- prefix. As LinkedIn also use this type of prefix, I was interested to read this RFC, and explain to you why we need to deprecate it.

Write script to scrap house rent price and send to your phone

House rental is a critical thing if you are living in the silicon valley. I’m planning to move to a new apartment, but the price changes often. I want to monitor the price and book it when it drops. In order to do that, I wrote a script to monitor the house rental price and push the result to my phone like below.

Ultimate way to beautify Mac terminal (oh-my-zsh) and plugin recommendations

If you are using Mac as development machine, must be one of the most used apps. Terminal might be not fancy to begin with, but you can totally make it more elegant and fancy if you follow with me.

The OAuth2 flow for native apps: PKCE

If you are building a native application, and you need OAuth 2.0, PKCE OAuth is your best choice. Here I will explain why.

Use GitLab-CI to run free scheduled jobs

In this topic, I’ll introduce how to run scheduled job with GitLab-CI, without the need to have a server running cron job or other application.

Use IcoMoon to reduce 98% FontAwesome load size

FontAwesome is an awesome font library. With fontawesome, it will be super easy to inject icon into your html page. Although the default method is very simple, it has the drawback of taking too much load by loading full set of icons.

In this article, I’ll share how I reduce the fontawesome library size by using IcoMoon to generate icon library that only has what I need.