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Improve problem-solving skill

Tony Xu


Problem-solving skill is the most important skill at work, you need to think about:

  • If you are not good at solving problem
  • How to improve the problem-solving skill

Look back to the two years working at Moxtra, the fundamental job I do is to solve problem, given that i’m a Solution Engineer. And the problem is basically:

  • I have problem A, do you have solution B?

In most cases, I will evaluate based on these aspects:

  • Do we have existing solution
  • If we need to support, does it align with our product road map or position
  • Do it have positive impact on the business and revenue

If any of them is No, we might just say No to customer. This seems to be right, and avoid potential waste of effort. But if you take a deeper look at it, there are always something we can do, given that I’m a Solution Engineer.

For example:

  • Understand more about the use cases, make sure if problem A is valid
  • Understand more about the problem, and see if there are better solution other than solution B

The key is to look at the problem with the objective of solving it, rather than simply say Yes/No, and then push back responsibility to others.

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