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One month summary for joining LinkedIn

Tony Xu


Today is my so-called one month anniversary at LinkedIn. It’s been a fast week, bootcamp, Inday, and a week of shutdown. So it’s actually much less than a month.

The main thing on my list this month is to get familiar with the technology, tool, process, and products in LinkedIn. Although there is not a lot of happening, I should still look back and think about what can be improved.

What I’m doing great:

  • I can quickly get familiar with technology and tools in the company
  • I can quickly discover issue and fix it
  • I work on tasks with a plan

What I feel challenging:

  • Communicate with English speakers about work and life topics is challenging
  • Not being very active in meeting and participate in discussions
  • Not being very active when chatting with others

I believe my situation is quite common for Chinese in U.S companies, who is active toward technology, but less active in social, and talking. If I want to make a change, I think I need to be doing these:

  • Prepare for each meeting, and gain knowledge on one or two topics. This should make it easier to join discussions.
  • Get prepared for some common social questions (How was your weekend, and what’s your plan on weekend?)
  • Encourage myself to drive discussions when a topic is completed

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