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This Is Silicon Valley (

Everyone wears Patagonia and North Face, everyone has AirPods hanging from their ears, and everyone goes to Lake Tahoe on weekends. And everyone talks about the same things: startups, blockchain, machine learning, and startups with blockchain and machine learning.

As Jeffrey Hammerbacher, a former Facebook executive, told Bloomberg, “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”

The Silicon Valley author described is exactly what I see in the Silivon Valley. What’s more is some smart minds I see are also talking about buying homes, stock investment, and job promotions. People I see are homogeneous, they have similar backgrounds (Computer Science), similar jobs (Software Engineers), similar hobbies (Hiking, Board Games, Skiing in Tahoe), and similar interests (tech, stock, house, promotion). If you are not living in Silicon Valley, let’s go with the author and get to see the sides of the Silicon Valley you may not know.

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